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    Tenor tuning on a baritone...

    Installed a set of Aquila super nylagut GCEA baritone strings on my extra baritone uke today and tuned them to pitch. Re-entrant tuning and they sound pretty good. A coupla days to settle and they should be in good shape. Is there anything a tenor can do that this baritone can't? I'm assuming...
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    What is the point of plastic ukes?

    "Singing in the rain - just Singing in the rain..."
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    NUD Hopefully End Of Next Week

    Its gotta be a Mainland cause your tag line says: "Mainlands rule!"
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    May have to learn lefthanded due to injury. Need advice.

    It's also the only post he had. (Musta changed his mind...)
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    What is the point of plastic ukes?

    Personally, I would not leave any uke in a car, plastic or not...
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    Just Sharing

    I play the baritone uke and harmonica together pretty often. Same chord shapes, just different names.
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    Harmonica kit...

    Is he trying to learn blues harp, or does he want to play melodies... Lots of different types of harmonicas out there. Eastop harmonicas give you a lot of bang for the buck, whether a diatonic (blues harmonica) or a tremolo (melody style harmonica).
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    Tenor tuning on a baritone...

    That's standard baritone tuning... I was hoping to tune one of my three baritone ukuleles to gcea and avoid having to purchase a tenor. (Concert size is too small for me.)
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    Tenor tuning on a baritone...

    These were the strings Caramel provided to do the conversion. Definitely cheap looking and unlabeled. I have been looking at a Gretch solid top acoustic electric tenor uke, but I also find the Recording King tenor guitar interesting. And so it begins... might have to sell a couple of guitars...
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    Tenor tuning on a baritone...

    Well I tried it, almost got to "high g" and the string snapped. One octave lower and the strings were too floppy, so it looks like a tenor in my future...
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    Tenor tuning on a baritone...

    lately I've been thinking about getting a tenor uke and realized that my Caramel baritone came with an extra set of strings for re-entrant tuning (gcea). Should I tune these up to the same pitch as my concert uke or an octave lower?
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    Semi-hollow electric vs acoustic / electric

    At least with an "electric acoustic" you get some projection when playing unamplified...
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    Capo for beginners

    I used a capo occasionally while playing guitar with a band, but have never used one with my ukulele in the band I'm in now. I only play it a few songs a gig on the uke as I'm primarily the harmonica player anyway...
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    Dating Harmony with Wooden Pegs

    It appears to be in very nice, playable condition. I love the '50s style graphics.
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    Thoughts on free living?!

    I would definitely paint the container white with good insulation and an air conditioner. Got any pics?