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  • I do. SpecialMike (Mike Hu) is a senior at UGA. BunnyFlower is a librarian up there as well. There are some ukers in Lawrencville which isn't too far away. There's a few more but can't remember their names.
    We will be meeting after 6:30 since I have open house until 6. Not sure who all will show up. Might just be us. Our main meetings take place on tuesday. SweetwaterBlue, Dbeal, Badbox29 have expressed interest in meeting on Thursdays so we will see.
    thursdays in Hiram is at the starbucks next to target and sam's club. easy find right on hwy 278. If you like I can PM you my number. Also are yoiu on FB?
    well bummers about youth group. August 3rd isn't our normal tuesday but we might be able to still meet. I'll run it by everyone. Thursdays in Hiram we meet as well.
    i saw your post over in UFC. What I do is just print the song I want to learn with the chords and then play it. A G chord for the guitar is a G chord for the uke. Just different fingering. Can you get down to Marietta square Tuesday night? we are meeting there and I can help ya if you like.
    That is good. Same taste in music btw. You at KSU? I am going to be at KSU tonight with my wife. PM me with your number and we can get together whenever is convienient. I have 11 ukes so I can even let you play one of mine:)
    Here is SEUkers http://www.ukuleleunderground.com/forum/group.php?groupid=18
    and here is UFC http://www.ukuleleunderground.com/forum/group.php?groupid=74

    You just click the links and join the groups. We are close to each other. This Tuesday at the StarBucks in Hiram we are having a little SEUkers bi-weekly meet up. There is normally about 6-10 of us that live in the local area that show up. We drink coffee, play uke, swap ukes and talk story. It is fun and good times. Wide range of ukes are there as well from koalohas, Meles, kalas, and makalas just to name a few. UkeRepublic usually brings a few of his goods to tempt us with as well.

    What kind of worship music you listen to? There has been talk of putting together a little ukulele praise team type thing.
    Welcome to UU. Since you are a Christian, you need to join Ukers for Christ (UFC) and SEUkers:) What part of Georgia?
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