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  • Naw, those Youtube comments don't bug me. I've been on YT too long now that I know the level of discourse is pretty lame.
    That sounds like an excellent decision! Good for you... Some day when I have an ukulele to spare I will donate to a child in need too!
    Yep, you heard right! Dustin has to check to see if he can make it because it might clash with his first day of classes, but we plan on trying to write our first blues tunes soon.

    It would be cool to see you there. =)
    Hey there! If we seem to be absent from the forum, it's because we're out on charter, and have extremely limited internet access. But we'll be back!!!
    Whoa, you guys are going? Awesome. I'm pretty sure I'm going, I just need to work it out... If I do end up going, I'll let you know!
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