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    Uke Like the Pros Questionable Business Practices

    Here's the $999 TheUkuleleSite post without cutaway: And with cutaway, still $999: So, when these were available at TheUkuleleSite, the price...
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    <SOLD> ONO port orford cedar/claro walnut 18" tenor ukulele PRICE REDUCTION $1000

    Here's a sound clip of this instrument by mezcalero, one of our talented members.
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    RIP Gerard Guasch

    I received word today that one of our member ukulele builders, Gerard Guasch, has passed away. From time to time, Gerard posted his instruments here and they were always attractive and neatly done. He was both a fine builder and something of a rarity in that we don't often have an opportunity to...
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    Any budget bandsaw for bookmatching?

    Keep in mind that the wheel diameter isn't the only thing that's important. In order to cut well and smoothly and consistently, a bandsaw needs to be rigid. There are lots of 14 inch saws out there and some are more rigid than others. One specification to keep in mind is the weight of the...
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    Two words with a twist

    Computers and the internet do some terrific things for us but there are times when they just don't work as intended and it's best to do something else with one's time. Like building instruments. :)
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    Two words with a twist

    I know the rules. For some reason, I'm getting a botched feed in this thread. Now checking out for good.
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    Gore/Gilet/ Concepts & Falcate Bracing in a Uke Build

    Here are a couple of nuggets of wisdom pulled out of one of Rick's posts earlier in this thread. It's too bad that he no longer posts here.
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    Curl telegraphing through lacquer

    That is certainly my point of view!
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    Curl telegraphing through lacquer

    Would this guy be on the California coast?
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    US source for Gotoh tuners

    I buy from in British Columbia. They have always come through including on special orders.
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    New Ono Bastogne Walnut Tenor

    Well, that's a surprise! Nice to see this old thread pop up. I was interested in your comment about the frets. Yes, these are a bit wider than the Stew-Mac #147 that I usually use. Kevin specified them and maybe he is onto something. POC isn't taxonomically a cedar. Rather, it's a cypress, as...
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    FS: Ono Tenor Ukulele (SOLD)

    I've experimented a bit with the pinks and they seem to have promise. Please let us know what you're using and how you like them. It's helpful to have more data on what strings and tunings work with the 18" scale. Enjoy your new instrument!
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    FS: Ono Tenor Ukulele (SOLD)

    Since the subject of sound samples has been thoroughly discussed here over the past couple of days, I should point out that Mezcalero has posted a number of YouTube videos that were done with this instrument. Here are a few:
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    FS: Ono Tenor Ukulele (SOLD)

    I am absolutely certain. This is a vanishingly rare variation with both unusual color and basket weave figure. This instrument was made from boards that included in a single piece both the light colored basket weave and areas that have the typical appearance of walnut in both color and grain...