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  • He likes well enough that he's probably going to sell or trade his electric/acoustic Oscar Schmidt.
    The Lanikai is definitely going to get personalized. I think for your more entry level and mass produced ukes, Lanikai is under-rated.
    Any more vids of our get-together going up?
    I hope you can make it to the jam this month. It would be so cool to meet you!
    Thank you, I am too. Especially one who also had to tear into the imbicile with the "costly manicure" comments.
    Hi Samantha

    I am going to have to say "no", I'm afraid. I generally only do songs that I know. I've heard of Bauhaus, but i thought it was an art movement (seriously!). In any case time is short at the moment. After Christmas I'm of to NAMM in LA. I may squeeze a couple of vids in before then though.

    The mmmBop thing was a bit of a one-off. It was because the judging in last year's Bushman Contest was so bad. To everyone's surprise, the song mmmBop won.

    Have a great Christmas.

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