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  • Hey there Sam from Jen in Oz. (fb)

    You may still be on holidays - hope you're enjoying your time camping & at the beach !

    Happy uke-times :)

    Hey Sam, thanks again for the kickstart on the uke, I got a few different tunes now I can do simple riffs to - just enough for people to recognise, and for me to keep interested! My latest one is One by U2. I'm not bad on that I'm Yours and Elephant Stone now, just about recognisable :). Lets see some more vids!
    Sam, thanks a lot for your tip on Elephant Stone.....I borrowed a digital tuner off a friend, tuned her up and had a crack at that run-down. It sounds similar!! Is that a playing style of yours, I thought I heard it in Up Yours too....You're my hero!!
    Hey Sam, Just looking at your Elephant stone cover again :worship: , Do you sneak another chord in there after the G? I looked on Chordie, G,C,D, but to my untrained eye and ear it looks like you add something after it. Can you tell me what that is? I wont tell anyone promise, I'm still struggling not to get my fingers stuck between the strings on a strum :rolleyes:

    Thanks, Paul
    Hey! Valerie got the Member Video of the Week! I've never been up there before! HOW COOL! Thanks for all your work with that - I really like how it turned out! :)
    Hey baby! I'm gonna finally edit my Valerie video today! :D My sax has been in the shop for the past month...but I added a trumpet track and it sounds PIMP! I hope to send it to you tonight!
    Hi, can you help me?
    I would like to know where can i buy online an 8 string soprano ukulele.
    Can you tell me how can i start a new post?


    Rui Dutra
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