My dad introduced me to the ukulele and I bought my first one 2/11. Now my guitars are sad.

Playing music, reading, cooking, and spending time with my family.
June 5
Rockledge, FL


Ohana PK25G - Pineapple Soprano with Aquila
Ohana SK15 - Maroon Soprano with Aquila
Kala KA-FMSLN - Flame Maple Longneck Soprano with Loprinzi
Eleuke BC-50E - Prototype Concert with Living Water
Mainland Classic mahogany Long Neck Concert Pineapple with Freemont Black low g
Sailor Brand M-EU T6EG - Six string tenor with Southcoast
Luna TT MAH - Tattoo tenor with Loprinzi
Koloa KU-650 - Baritone with Alohi low d
Cordoba - Guitalele
Eddy Finn EF-BU2F - Deluxe Banjo Uke