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    SOLD: Islander tenor ukulele FNSARM 2015

    If vkuke doesn't take it, let me know. I'd go for it!
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    No way to report bad actors on UU forum

    We need a button to report threads that are out of control. Specifically this user: drandrea447 seems to be posting nonsense postings, perhaps to phish email accounts or other information?
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    What happened to forum search?

    And will it be restored?
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    Alerts showing up for no reason

    I'm getting various alerts from the Ukulele Marketplace forum. Not all the posts, but enough to give me an alert every day or two? Trying to feed my UAS or what am I missing?
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    NUD Anuenue UC10 Color Series Concert

    Picture, please!
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    (Everything's up to date in) Kansas City

    Does anyone have the chords to this song from Oklahoma? My wife and I were discussing how this might be a perfect ukulele song, but I can't find the chords anywhere. scarver
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    Tangi Koa Soprano

    This is probably a long shot, but I'll ask anyway. Does anyone know what strings were originally on the Tangi Koa ukes? I got one used yesterday and the strings appear to be the original, but are quite yellowed and maybe a little brittle. Otherwise, does anyone have a re-stringing...
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    Hopelessly Devoted to You

    Does anyone have the TABS/Chords to this one? I know it sounds syrupy in the original version, but I've come across a couple done with a male voice that sound pretty good. Thanks in advance.
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    Six String Uke Suggestions

    What six string Uke suggestions do you have? I want a true six stringed uke - not a guitalele. Thanks in advance.
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    WTB KoAloha "Imaikalani"

    I know this is a shot in the dark, but does anyone have one that they want to part with? thanks.
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    Romero Creations ST Concert - all laminate / solid top laminate / all solid

    I'm looking at getting a Romero ST concert and I can currently find all three options. Has anyone heard or played one version versus another and give some insight whether the upgrades outweigh the additional costs?