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    Singing in the Bathtub

    Since becoming hooked on this song after watching Phil Doleman and buying a waterman I am learning this song. I have the chords but would really like to be able to add in the riffs. There was a post by sillydave on SOTU that has a really nice melody. Could anyone point me in the right direction...
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    8 String tuning help please! C

    My BR V2-T8 arrived this morning and I love it but am scratching my head with the C strings. So far I have it as follows: G4, G3 (Wound) C5, C4 (Is this correct or should it be C4 C3? The thinnest string is nearest the top of the uke) :confused: E4, E4 A4, A4
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    Is it nearly bedtime yet? NUD Tomorrow!

    My Baton Rouge V2-T8 Sun8 String Tenor has been despatched and will be with me tomorrow. I'm like a kid at Christmas! :music:
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    Can you put Tenor strings on a Concert?

    I'm sorry if it's been asked before but I did try to search. I understand that they are a different gauge. I bought a single unwound Aquila red for my concert and am really not digging the Aquila strings on this. I have a tenor that I put D'addario pro-arte custom extruded on which I like. I...
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    If you could choose just one?

    Your house is on fire, your family and pets are safe but you have time to grab just ONE uke (or the moneybox for the one you are saving for) ..... Which one and why?
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    Barnes & Mullins BMUK2C Spruce & Spalt Maple Concert Ukulele?

    Has anyone got any experience with this one?
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    Beginner's Toolkit Items?

    I am looking at the essential items I need to put together an inexpensive yet usable toolkit for maintenance and setup purposes. If you have any particular favourites or recommendations I am in the UK. Thanks for reading
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    NUD - Kmise Solid Mahogany Top Tenor

    Well I must have got luckier than Bazmaz with his cat! I ordered this yesterday from Amazon and it was delivered this morning! £39.99! I figured that if it was pants or my hands were too small for a tenor I could return it via Amazon so had nothing to lose. Well I am very pleasantly surprised...
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    Full Solid Mahogany vs Solid Top Acacia w Laminate Acacia Back & Sides?

    What are your thoughts on Full Solid Mahogany vs Solid Top Acacia w Laminate Acacia Back & Sides for a tenor? These are caramel models and there is not a lot in it regarding price. Which would give a better sound and be a better buy in your opinion? I am looking for a warmer rather than...
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    Would you do it?

    I own a rare Fender Concord Acoustic Guitar with a Strat Headstock in mint condition that I bought from new in 1992. It has been a most beloved and treasured item since I bought it but I haven't played it in years due to back pain so it has become rather an expensive wall hanging. I am...
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    Time to stop lurking!

    Hi, I've been lurking for the last few weeks since I purchased a cheap Mahalo U2K uke for a fiver and put some D'addario strings on it. I immediately fell in love. I have owned and played guitars for 30+ plus years but find that playing hurts my back too much and have hardly tinkled for far...