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  • Thanks, but it is so the past 6 months I've bought about 15 ukulele's, given away about 5, I am having/had 3 built (one for a special gift..shhh!), and I haven't even posted one video yet because I'm just not good enough of a player! Arrrgh! The UAS madness has me!:eek:
    I would give a left...well something important to have half the talent and grace you do!
    LOL. You definitely should. It's a pretty cool little club that just got started. They have a website at and I have a video of the first jam on that ukuleleinmycar channel. Come on, you know you miss your family! hahaa
    I'm about 40 miles from Salt Lake. Ogden? Really nice city. A little bit ghetto, but that's probably what I like about it. Culture ftw.

    Lewiston? Damnit thats so far north. I was gonna say you should come down for our ukulele club sometime.
    You're in Idaho? What part if you don't mind me asking? I'm originally from Pocatello.
    hahaha... I'm kinda' the same way when I try to sing and play anything more than a really basic strum on the Uke. Used to have the same issue when singing and drumming, but lately I've been getting more comfortable with backup vocals while drumming.
    glad to hear I'm not the only one :)

    So do you play the drums while playing the Uke? that's what I've been doing in my gig's lately (Uke, Bass Drum and HiHat) and it's really a blast!
    yea id like to but i dont wanna put all mine at the beginning of the contest lol im the only one who entered so far... i also dont know what else to do lol ... hmm maybe a colab ? lol
    Oops, just looked at your avatar. If that's you, sorry about the Brah part, should've been Sistah . . .
    Thanks Brah! Matter of fact, it was suggested by one of the members to use it after reading it in a post.
    YEah...defly one of these days we'll chill on here at the same time while chatting and figure it out eh?? Yeah were dorks!!!
    when you posted that it says it was 5.10am... ! when i'm posting this it's 5.48am your time... i think! confused? me too
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