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    Too Many Instruments

    That’s every bit as absurd as saying that a Dreadnought in DADGAD tuning isn’t really a guitar, and that the Spanish style, gut string instrument is the only true guitar. In fact, Manuel Nunes, the Portuguese luthier that came from Madeira to Hawaii and helped combine the Macheté and the Rajāo...
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    how big are your ukulele collections?

    Currently, I’m holding steady at 11. Details in my signature below. Scooter
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    C.F. Martin Logo Has Begun To Lift

    Mim’s Ukes, here in the States, is the only Martin dealer approved just for the ukulele lineup. She’s very much a Uke specific dealer, and a very trusted and successful one at that! Scooter
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    C.F. Martin Logo Has Begun To Lift

    A few minutes with a blow dryer and it should peel right off. Be very careful about what you use to clean any residual adhesive off afterwards. I believe the Mexico made Martins are finished with a synthetic ting oil of some sort, but I’m not absolutely sure about that. scooter
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    The Magic Fluke Company Appreciation thread

    Two things for my fellow Magic Fluke aficionados… For anyone that is also on Facebook, I invite you to come join the growing Magic Fluke Community group over there. And… my main jamming buddy took delivery the other day on a tenor Koa Fluke with...
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    Pictures of Ukuleles destroyed beyond repair!

    That'll buff right out!! Scooter
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    Has the ability to close thread been disabled?

    My apologies. From the tenor of your post, you seemed confused as to why the feature wasn’t working. I genuinely thought my reply offered clarity on the situation. Scooter
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    Has the ability to close thread been disabled?

    The option didn’t “go away” exactly. What happened is that the entire forum was moved to a new platform, in effect making it a whole new forum that may or may not have all of the same features as the old forum. It’s going to take some time (possibly months) for the admins to learn the ins and...
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    How young is too young for a first uke?

    The McNally Strumstick! No wrong notes!
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    Magic Fluke Instruments

    I definitely agree that every Ukulele player should have at least one Magic Fluke instrument! Scooter
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    Slotted Headstocks

    You’re definitely wrong! I own 2 Martin steel string acoustics with slotted headstocks, and they currently have around a dozen slothead models in their lineup. This is me with my Martin D-15S. Scooter
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    got Hawaiian shirts?

    I have a few. This one’s my favorite... That’s me acting as MC at Uke New Jersey Too! Scooter
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    Martin IZ Commemorative Tenor #500

    I looked at the pictures on FMM. That spot on the side actually looks like the finish has peeled off. Here’s a close up of the area: Scooter
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    Ukulele with flush fingerboard

    The Firefly banjo Ukes from The Magic Fluke Company have flush fingerboards. Scooter