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  • my man Seeso! how do u get those avatar things at the bottom of your page? i want them :)

    im doing that rice thing =] i want to help hunger! i have 160grains of rice at the moment, we should get a UU thing and everybody does it for 30minutes... would help a lot!
    Haven't seen you around in a while (as stated in a recent post).

    Hope the posts are still relevant and informational.
    I know the feeling. I sold the pikkake because I felt the fingerboard was a bit cramped, the finish was utilitarian, and it sounded lovely but it was my only uke and it was time to graze other pastures. And then I'd see it again during uke meetups, and spend the entire evening not letting go of it. Then MGM started doing this free worldwide shipping deals, and I just couldn't resist the lure of that wicked headstock. She'll be my last uke for a while. I just can't do better than this soprano and the uklectic.
    Thanks seeso, now I just gotta learn how to do some picking. Brain to finger reaction gets slow as you age. Most of the time, just strum and try to sing. I'm still working on your disc, but not to worry - you'll have it hopefully after the 4th. Do you have Jake's "Hula Girls"?

    Thanks for checking in! I'm taking the week off work, otherwise I'd lose the vacation days (our fiscal year ends June 30). I haven't had time to record any videos, though, and I've got a whole list of songs I want to try. I want to learn how to use Audacity to record harmonies. Might have time later this week. I had the chance to play a 1950's Martin Style-0 this month. Man, she was sweet! It put my Mexican Martin to shame.
    Take care,
    Cool! It's great to hear it played by someone who plays it well! Thanks for sharing the video. I like the song too.
    Hey Seeso! I just saw on your YouTube profile that you have the Kala Tenor with the Cedar Top. That's the one I got too. What do you think of it? I am so happy with it. I love the tone. Have you done any videos with it yet?
    seeso, the new avatar is i think one of the most amazing things i have come across all day :D and no, my friend. you... are badass :)
    hahaha! i love you avatar! so threatening but from what i can tell, it's sooo not you! but i know how you feel, whenever i shave my hair down i look like i should be in some sorta gang!
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