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  • LOL, It won't take long before you're above me again. I'm pretty sure once I'm done typing this you'll have regained the title.
    Hey- nice, I'll pass that around. I feel like I've just taken the I-STEP test all over again. Who doesn't need better vocabulary skills? I think I'll put my kid on this website and call it our homeschooling for today :)
    Not sure why, but much appreciated. Still trying to get used to working within online forums.

    I usually actively engage in luthiers forums, and have stayed at FMBB for a while. UU is pretty cool, sort of reminds me of a "younger" FMBB a few years back. I think you guys do a good job at moderating - that can't be an easy thing.
    haha aww i'm just not cool enough for more than one friend. i guess it's good that at least my one friend is cool!
    Wassup Seeso? I'm good, just got my wisdom teeth out 2 days ago! It's all good though! Cheers, Alex
    SWEET!!!! I'd Karma/Rep you but it won't let me. I'll send you a pair of puppies instead!
    :love:Seesooooo...babyyy I'm back!!!! thanks for the thread...u are THE man!!!
    luv ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!:love:
    Hey I added you on Facebook... But without it saying UkuleleHill I figure you might not know... So... When you see Andy Hill its me...
    thanks a lot for the friends add
    just wanna say i love your youtube vids,
    they're inspiration
    Definitely will! And same for you if you ever make it down to Australia. I'd love to show you around, and looks like there are a few of us here on the boards now too :)
    Hey, yourself!

    I've been playing Time in a Bottle all morning- beautiful arrangement.

    Did you enjoy your time in Indiana?
    I think I replied to you wrongly the first time, on your own profile. Bastardos Sympaticos can be found here - - he's using a Kala Jazz tenor to good effect. Live, they have this washtub bass that just reaches right into your gut. I think they might be thinking of putting out a cd soon. I seem to remember Juha (the lead uke, vocals) talking about studio sessions.
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