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  • Ok Ms Seoulsister; I have a Kala concert, a Lanaki and a Fender. I've played the Kala for the last 5 months while the others kind of get ocassional picking. If you make it down here we can play, I'll 3even show you my original tune called "Just wingin it" with some other stuff plugged in there for fun. Hope to hear from ya soon. regards, Dan.
    Ms; Seoulsister; we should get together and play. I travel to Seoul everyweek. I also rarely check any of my messages. So shoot me a message at" and I'll get that message soon. Hope to hear from youy soon. Regards, Dan.
    Your very kind, i'm glad that my old Sig can make you smile... It's good to smile :), that why some of my vids are on the lighter hearted side.. music should be fun and have the ability to cheer people up...
    Take Care and Keep on strummin ♫
    oh wow i just noticed the little notification thing on the top!
    Thank you so much! That was one of the very first songs I wrote (it's only been a few years for me writing) and I still get nervous doing originals. You totally made my day, thank you
    Hey there! I was born in Korea, but came to Australia with my family when I was 5 :) What are you doing in Korea?
    Hey SeoulSister, thanks for ID-ing yourself!

    I would like to enlarge my "Hymn" section on, I just haven't taken the time to do so.
    Do you have any favorite Hymns? I'm more familiar with the older hymns vs newer Worship songs.

    Keep uke'in',

    PS are you in Korea?
    Yeah, The Shanes are one of my favorite worship bands (I consider all their music to be worship). You ever listen to Jason Upton or the Enter the Worship Circle series?
    I'm no expert, just an amatur but I really like the tenor size. I have a soprano, concert and tenor now and it really depends what you want to play, the Makala soprano sounds great for the price and the size is fun, the concert I have is really nice and probably my favourite uke but then the tenor works best if you are moving from a guitar background like I did due to the bigger size, you can play chords and solos down the neck a bit easier. If you can, try both sizes first, even if on a different uke so you know the size is right but the Kala Acacia has got good reviews and I like it, it has a good sound and build so you wont go wrong on either size. There are lots of reviews on line to help you. I have just put a low G string set on it and that seems to work well with the tenor size. Hope this is a little help.
    How I do videos: I use a Flip UltraHD camera and I use a Snowball microphone attached to a netbook that is running Audacity. I copy the sound file over to my main computer. Then I use Sony Vegas Movie Studio to make the video. I use the sound from the mic instead of the sound from the camera. I added a little reverb to "Wild Mountain Thyme", I think. :)
    Sorry i've been a busy little person me and haven't had the chance to pop on here for a couple of days.. :(
    But thank you for your message, your very kind i'm glad you think so.. I have another one almost ready, so very soon i'll post it up on here.. :)

    Thanks again and Keep on strummin ♫
    Hey! Yes I am still in South Korea. My name is Alec McEwen. You can find me on Facebook if you're a member. It would be cool to meet for a jam or to talk about ukes. I try to spread the gospel of ukes, but mostly my friends just laugh. Anyway, it is good to hear from you.

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