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    Rebel Particle

    It's a beauty! If I had the $$$ to spare at the moment I would snap it up!
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    Favorite tone woods for tenor low G?

    I love a cedar top on macassar ebony or Koa. Warm and vibrant but still has great mids and high tones. I really wish aNueNue would do a Cedar/Macassar Ebony combo. Had a pono with that combination and it was an utterly sublime sounding uke.... but sadly the Pono necks are not a good fit for my...
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    Be wary of potential scammers

    I used to use F&F but now it is worth it on both sides for paypal purchase protection. I've got a couple PMs lately of similarly awkwardly worded messages related to ukes I previously mentioned as possibly selling. This is a good community of uke enthusiasts, I hate to see scammers proliferating...
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    [ Price Drop (again!) ] Pono Deluxe Electric Tenor with Roland Amp

    Just thought I'd comment for prospective buyers: I've got the curly red mango version of this uke (or at least shared custody of it with my niece.... we go back on forth on who gets to keep it at any give time). It's got a great sound if you are looking for an electric solid body uke. I was...
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    Hey, Just saw your message. I'm still not sure if I want to sell the Aratani or not. I don't...

    Hey, Just saw your message. I'm still not sure if I want to sell the Aratani or not. I don't play it as much as my aNueNues, but I am fond of it. What were you thinking in terms of price? And where are you located?
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    SOLD: Flight Pathfinder Transparent Blue Electric Solid Body Price Drop

    Dropping the price again, hoping someone will give this uke some play time.
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    Action height - Cocobolo Ukuleles

    Likewise! I've got two, one is a custom 5 string tenor. They look beautiful and sound even more beautiful. The only issue I had was the action was absurdly high on both (1mm at the nut, almost 4mm at the 12), but that was quick to fix with a local luthier's aid.
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    Awaiting RISA Uke-solid with GEARED tuners!

    Had one also, and I liked the sound and portability but I DESPISED the tuners...might have to revisit one again if geared tuners area available.
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    NUD #2 Pop's UkeSA Soprano Sceptre

    Darn, wish I was a little closer to Raleigh so I could see/hear that little uke in person! Sadly I am west of Charlotte....
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    SOLD: Flight Pathfinder Transparent Blue Electric Solid Body Price Drop

    Price Drop: I've got a Flight Pathfinder which I've had for about a week (I've recently gotten into trying out out solid body electrics). I purchased it try out with the intent to give it to my niece since as usual I have too many ukes. (I've totally infected her with UAS too, lol). However...
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    Saw a Light Bird on Reverb

    A few people have messaged me about the aNueNue Light Bird I own over the last year and if I would be willing to sell. I have no plans to sell mine, but I thought I would share that I noticed one on Reverb at in...
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    Loprinzi Owners Club

    I had a concert mahogany Loprinzi. I loved the feel of it but I have never been that fond of the tone of mahogany (it was just a little brash/loud for me). After that I kept an eye out for other models of Loprinzi and ended up picking up a used MRS Spruce/Rosewood that I like, and it sounds...
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    SOLD Uluru Lehua IIIX Tenor

    I used to own one of those for a bit, nice ukulele, but I favor concerts a bit more than tenors when it comes to Koa. That's a good deal for some lucky UU member.