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    Klos standard ukulele question.

    I was searching for an answer on strings. Im not sure if it ships high or low G. I'd like to go Low G. What was the best strings for the Klos? I have some Oasis Low G warms laying around. . and some Orcas on the way, but I'm willing to buy a different set if there is a different recommendation.
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    Koaloha KTM-00 from Wood Vibrations Music

    After putting up a WTB ad on marketplace, I found my girl. This gorgeous Koaloha KTM-00 was sold to me by Wood Vibrations Music. Great conversation, awesome customer service, fast shipping and an absolutely amazing price. I was sent photos of my new uke...
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    WTB Koaloha KTM-00

    For personal use, not resell..... I'm going to start a YouTube channel soon if you want to visit her :)