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    Hit a nail

    That is impressive cutting! Wow!
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    Welcome Susie! There is some great info stored here. Enjoy!
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    Seaguar Blue Label samples - got what I wanted, thanks!

    I hv Uke Logic on a baritone and I thought they were pink fishing line. I love the sound and I like the slight pink tone a lot. I don’t think the pink is bright enough for anyone to be annoyed by the color.
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    Nobody’s fault but mine

    Always enjoy hearing your playing, Dr Bekken.
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    Need another fretless U bass for back up in performances?

    A friend of mine has professional gigs with bass ukulele several nights a week. One Kala (fretless) performs ok, but there are problems with the piezo pick up on the back up instrument. No one seems to be able to adjust it so that there is good output across all four strings. I believe that...
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    Collings Tenor listed as a "Matin" on Reverb today

    This popped up in my feed...."Matin UT2 with Pickup Tenor Mahogany Ukulele #903," but the description and photos are a used Collings Tenor. The listing is by "Guitar Hotline" That is all I know, just thought some folks here might have a interest. Might be a error or it might be a scam. I cannot...
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    New...Outdoor banjolele, has anyone tried them out?

    I just noticed that Outdoor Ukulele has a new model, the Outdoor banjolele... big Remo head and several colors. Does anyone on UU have one, and would be willing to share their impressions? They look sharp!
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    New Book- Essays involving the Ukulele

    Hi, My first post, though I have been around here for a while, lurking and buying. Here is my contribution, since I have received so much great info on this board. I noticed this review of a book that features ukuleles in every essay. I have not read it yet, but it looks interesting and I...