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  • Thanks for the info re mps. The style of my trumpet Wedge is designed by Gabriel. The difference between it and the standard Wedge is a wider rim. Dave Harrison, designer of the Wedge is a trauma care physician and teaches medicine also--and a trumpet player. We all have our particular facial charistics and Dave designed the Wedge to meet some. He worked with me and my receding jaw and overbite. The advantage of the Wedge for me is that I have more endurance with it. I really don't even try to play above ledger line E. I would rather focus on my tone which has been pretty good with whatever mp I chose to use--probably because the cups were deeper--although my trumpet wedge mp depth is a C. At least Dave's design stopped my mp safari. I was also partial to Mark Curry's mps, too.

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    I've never heard of the Wedge mouthpiece. Funny though, when I watched a video about it, I saw that Nick Drosdoff was using one. The other mouthpiece he mentions, and shows, the Asymmetric by John Lynch, I do have. The asymmetric gives me about an additional fifth in the high register. Now, the timbre and intonation are also affected, but in a high, loud, fast situation, it probably doesn't matter all that much. Just pull your tuning slide out and Go. Otherwise, I use a Monette B2.

    I'm not that much of a mouthpiece junkie. I played on the same Bach 3C for 20 years before I asked one of my trumpet buddies for a mouthpiece recommendation. Right off the bat, he encouraged me to get a B2. The only adjustment I had to make was to enjoy the better tone quality. *I always looked at the Monette horns, but I'd have to practice day and night to justify buying one of those horns.

    Hi Stan,

    Whoo! I started playing ukulele about a year ago. And really, I wanted to play an instrument that didn't hurt, or bruise, my face if I didn't practice all the time. After 50 years off? At least the fingers are still there. The chops, though - they don't care whether you're away for 50 days or 50 years, they are gonna demand respect and require practice.

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