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  • Hi, Shoe. Did you get note on Youtube? I finished my half of the collab. It's ready for download whenever you want.
    Thanks Shoepixie for your very kind comments. The amount of things to learn is daunting to all of us in the field, the more you know, the more you realize there is to learn. Good luck in your attemp to build some ukes, don't be shy about asking any questions you may have, as you have noticed, there is a tremendous amount of expertise available here.

    Thanks for asking me to be your friend. I don't know how cool I am but I am a little nuts. That's why I like UU, there are a bunch of folks just like me here ;) I've taken several 'personality' surveys over the years and they always come back with the same result; I fall into the 1.4% of the population group. But I don't mind as Mr. Rogers and Calvin from the comic strip, Calvin and Hobbs, are right there with me.

    Congrats on the Mya Moe honor to you! I know how long it takes to make videos and yours must have taken weeks. Very creative and well done.
    :D Hey right back at you! You deserve your winning share! Even though we both got the same prize, you should have gotten something else a bit more greater than the prize they've given. Because you have spent sooo much time and effort to record you stop animation very, and i mean VERY amazing, Congratulations!!!! This is a new beginning for us and an end to the contest. I hope to see more videos coming from you
    Yeah, I got your message about the collab! I just responded to it about 5 minutes ago. Anyways, I like the idea of Bye Bye Love. I'm gonna watch it a few times and get some ideas. I'd rather sing the lower part, it's more comfortable! But, I'll watch it first and then throw some ideas at you.


    A collab sounds great! I am not that good with the post-production/video editing part of it though! I'd have to leave that to you! :)
    Thanks, I'm using Final Cut Pro since I'm more of an editor than animator. I did an instrumental version specifically because I can't sing very well. And your drawing skills far outmatch my own. A collaboration would be fun sometime.

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