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  • If you're in Anchorage on a Friday, Come to the horn doctor on 10th and Ingra for a uke jam.
    Good question on the traveling uke. I don't know where it is. But I was thinking about it the other day. I'll have to post for an update. It did go to Milwaukee and get signed by Victoria Vox, Liz Beloff and Linda (?) Hefferan and assorted other ukulele ladies. Deach has signed it also. Sorry about the laryangitis. Ick!
    I'll help pay to send it to unlucky mum if you want. Why not send it on a European tour?
    You nut case! What 'ukulele you strummin on now, and are 'ukuleles popular in PR? Allot of Puerto Ricans arrived here in Hawaii in the 1900s to work our sugarcane fields. I love Pasteles, Gandule Rice, and Bacalao Salad. I want to get a Cuatro one day. You play the Cuatro?
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