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  • yes they are indeed very good after I have a wah for my eleuke I'm saving up for a long neck maple soprano maybe custom with wallnut accents and a pickup
    hello skrik can I join the brüko group. I have a Brüko I think it's a rather old one but the tuners bridge nut, the plastic soundhole ring and the lack of a separate fretboard al point towards a bruko nr6 model.

    greetings, Fabian
    Hello there. I saw that u are the Guru of the Brüko club and i`ve got a question:I got my first Ukulele(brüko nr.5), from a page like ebay.
    my problem now is: i have it since 2 weeks, the tuner came yesterday, like the worth strings.(Bevor i played with the orig. nylon ones, and only tuned through youtube, with my ear:)) Put them on, tried to tuned it and then i noticed, that the 4 string always goes loose. I can watch it while playing.
    Is that a known problem? Or did I maybe do something wrong when i put the new strings on?
    I payed 1oo.- swiss francs for it, she told me it is like new....
    So before I complain and want my money back, i thought i`ll check it first with one from this forum.
    Is it just a really cheap uku, did I do something wrong, or did she just take the piss out of me?

    Thanks for your help

    Further to other message about putting D'Addario flamenco strings on a guitalele. I have experimented further and have found that Worth tenor strings mixed with the D'Addario wound string produce a really crisp clear flamenco sound as well as the bright tone of a nice quality ukulele. Best of all possibilities so far.
    Best wishes from sunny North Wales.
    I've put black D'addario strings on (suitable flamenco) I've lowered the bridge 2mm. Using a spare bridge in case it went wrong.
    Really happy with the result.
    Hi Skrik, Just an idea. Have you contacted Bruko and told them of this social group. I recently contacted Kala for pictures for the Kala group.
    Bruko might want to make contributions.
    Velkommen til UU! Bra med flere Nordmenn!
    Det å kanskje starte et prosjekt med å spre Ukulele som du snakka om in "Intorduce yourself" høres ut som et kjempeprosjekt! :)
    Hvor i norge holder du til?
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