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    Best entry-level brand for solid mahogany ukes.

    I was wondering what entry-level uke brand (Kala, Lanikai, Oscar Schmidt, etc) Makes the best solid mahogany ukes. I'd prefer a price range of $200-300 (USD). Thanks.
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    Super Snark tuner accuracy/Kala KA-C intonation issues

    Hey, I was wondering if anyone who's used the "Super Snark" tuner has had issues with its accuracy. I've used it on my Kala KA-C and it seems like from the 7th fret down the tune is about a quarter step sharp. It shouldn't be too big an issue but I was just wondering if the tuning is slightly...
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    Ukulele Scales

    Hey guys, I've been wondering how necessary it is to learn scales when starting out (if ever)? I've been wanting to learn blues on ukulele and from what little guitar knowledge I have I know you need to learn the minor and major pentatonic scales to be any good at blues on guitar but I don't...
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    Hi there!

    Hi everybody! I'm new 'round here. I've been playing uke for 4 months now (all self taught) and hope to learn more! See you guys around!