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  • Oh, I get the idea all right. I don't know if Buffalo's reputation is known outside the states, but it's very similar to what you're describing. There would definitely be less alcoholics here as well if it weren't for the crazy weather. I really like it though. I moved to Florida for 3 years and had to head straight back. And I think you're right-- the dynamic between the ranges makes the beautiful weather seem even more beautiful.

    Sorry to hear you won't be making uwc. I'd also love to go to Cuba someday. I'm constantly talking about how ridiculous it is that this country still has the idiotic embargo in place.
    Yes! That phone example is totally what I was going for. In fact, I'm still holding out and won't buy myself a cell phone. My friends bug me all the time and say I have to get one, but I'll never give in.

    I like bonobos a lot too! Especially how they embody make love not war in their social behavior- it's just awesome. It kind of makes me wish I were a monkey. I'd have to say my favorites are Gibbons though. They're just hilarious to me, so smart, agile, and I love the way they sing.

    That's really funny how you got your name. I like it and I'm glad to hear it's just paleness and not anemia :D I've never been to Scotland before. How is it? Are you going to try getting to the UWC from all the way over there?
    Thanks so much Zoe! It's actually a metaphor I came up with years ago to illustrate a point I was making during a lecture in college. It was meant to be a parallel to techological advances and how often they are mistook for actual human progress, but since then I've stretched the analogy to suit few different arguments. I'm pretty fond of it, and decided to use it as a moniker.

    The original point was that when we invent something to make our lives easier, we also give up something in exchange for that luxury. A monkey will have an easier time picking bananas once he aquires a ladder, but in the end loses his talent for climbing trees due to relying on the new technology. I think humanity would do well to remember that from time to time :D

    So Zoe, why are you snowy?
    Hey Zoe,

    I'd not heard about it until you posted that link. From the way the announcement is worded on that site it looks like this may be the first one.

    Some of the UK members here have been to various uke get-togethers. I think Ukantor (John Colter) has been to a few things, but I don't really know much about festivals. hopefully one of the other guys can shed light. Why not start a thread to see who pipes up?

    Sorry I'm not much help with info about it, but if you do find out any more I'd be interest to learn some more details :)

    It does indeed qualify you entry in to the most awesome of societies! You are now officially GIGAPUS FOR LIFE! PM your address and I will send you some stickers!
    We are a select bunch, indeed. The Zoes. There is a MissZooey and I think one other! We're already in our own awesome club. The "eye heart" ukulele dangler I made for a UU Bling contest. I didn't win. :)
    I had to send my Kiwi back to MGM for some adjustments. Maybe I'm too picky, but he said he wants me to LOVE it! :)
    Deach will pop up on UU and Youtube often. Don't worry. If you don't run into him, he'll run into you.

    He's also a very nice guy.
    Welcome to UU! Disregard all my smart-ass posts. I'm just a smart-ass. And disregard any post by Deach. ; )
    ALoha Zoe, Anyone who loves pineapple 'ukuleles is a friend of mine! :cool:
    You'll love UU and learn allot, welcome aboard. Looking forward to your future posts. Have a great day!
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