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  • Hello md,

    First, bear in mind that our tenor and plectrum guitars are different. They're the only ones I know of built for classical strings. The Blueridge is built for steel strings - in other words, heavier, and will perform better with steel strings.

    If you get a normal steel string Tenor Guitar and want to try a set of classicals on it, we do make them. They're the G23 Round Wound set. (G23 stands for key of G on a 23" scale).

    Hope that helps.
    Hi Dirk,
    I saw your recent post in the tenor guitar thread. I'm interested in buying a Blueridge BR-40T. What Southcoast "Chicago tuning" strings would you recommend for this instrument (22-7/8 scale length)? Thanks!
    I love your website. if I make it to New Orleans next year, how do I find you or reach you?
    Dirk, I'm gonna lock the test thread. I would suggest starting a new thread for the upcoming one. Lemme know if you agree.
    Very cool- I am going to check out the youtube video, but I just got the first episode of Treme- excited beyond excited. Going to have to watch that first- it sucked me in in the first three minutes and the wife hollered because she was not ready to watch
    Clifton Chenier huh? We need to talk music when you got a chance- man I wish I wish I was in NOLA :)
    THat looks nice.. THanks for sharing. It looks really rich like chocolate.

    I saw where cocobolo has one of the largest range of tone in comparison to other tonewoods. Ever since then, I've been interested to look at Cocobolos. Is that a spruce on top?

    Is Cocobolo too hard to work on as a soundboard?
    Hello Suzuk,

    Here is part 1 of some rough photos of the rough uke taken by someone who doesn't know how to use their new camera (me).

    At this point, the back & sides are farthest along. They have been sanded and bodied-up; that is to say finished except for the last few coats. Our Cocobolo is almost always very dark, but very pretty.

    The soundboard has been rough sanded only. The fretboard was sanded before coming to Louisiana, but will get some additional work, and the neck is untouched - completely rough.



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