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  • Hey Mike, I'll be up your way next wednesday, thursday, and friday night as well as days. I'll be busy during day but my nights are free. I think we can meet in the middle if you like.
    With solid's, you can never guarentee what will happen. A uke may have an unseen fault in the grain. A humidifier is a good idea, especially when the air is dry, but the ukes are not really fragile either.
    Nah, I did not make it. I ran around like an idiot all weekend and still didn't get everything done. I need more ukulele aloha and less real world insanity.
    well if its not gone i think this would be a good uke i can get for my second one im hoping but i only have 40 but im still working on getting more money so..
    This week. Hopefully it'll be here before saturday. Deal isn't finalized yet but there aren't any obstacles now.
    It was nice to meet you as well and sorry to be so long in getting back to you. I always forget to check the msg part of the forum. They are pretty new to me.
    I would really enjoy doing the duet thing but I have to get a lot of practice before I could do that. I would hate to ruin a good song for you.lol. I hope to get better though.
    We are thinking about hitting Athens next weekend...not Labor Day, but the next one.
    I love the Mainland. But all I've had otherwise was my Oscar Schmidt. I'd never played a Kala, Kamaka, KoAloha or Fluke until the jam. I think I did very well for the price I paid. I did play a couple of Ponos at the jam, and I thought the Mainland sounded better (MUCH better that the Mango Pono).

    DeG sure made his Mainland soprano sound good.
    It worked at the SEUT then when I tried to turn it on it wouldn't. The damage was done.
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