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    Review- aNueNue Blue Arona Concert Ukulele (UC-10)

    Aw, I'm glad if I helped (especially since you like yours, too!). An in-progress shot-- half-n-half-- might have lent some visual clues, but unfortunately I don't have one for you. With the whole thing done, I can't seem to take a picture that shows other than a mahogany back, ie, any...
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    Review- aNueNue Blue Arona Concert Ukulele (UC-10)

    What was involved in removing the “pickguard?” Thinking about doing it. Here's what I wrote at the time, which will hold us in better stead than my memory :)--- though I'd now emphasize that I pulled/rolled/tugged/lifted slowly and gently: -- I haven't scritched the top (yet), but even...
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    Review- aNueNue Blue Arona Concert Ukulele (UC-10)

    Nicely done, Vic! If one adjusts expectations aright-- including, keeps in mind that this is an entry-level instrument, and also that spruce over mahogany will be bright (ie, non-traditional, and... bright)-- I'd be hard-pressed to think of a better value. Which is a colder way of saying that...
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    String spacing too wide

    Forget all that, tell us more about C E R E A L. 🤔 :LOL:
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    Aw, George. Love to you all. ~ S.
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    To Those Who Admired Daisy - RIP Sweet Dog

    George, I am so very sorry. It's a pain like no other. ~ S.
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    Stuck in the Middle with You (Stealers Wheel)

    How wonderful! .... my primary takeaway is that I need to get to work on my fret hand strumming. (I loved the 'hug strum' action immediately before the froom froom section.) :giggle: ~ S.
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    ukulele jewelry - rings

    Here ya go: Jared's Ring Shop (Also via link to a different forum thread, posted just above here.) An odd older thread revival, but some of these rings are definitely cool. ~ S.
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    Mother and Child Reunion (Paul Simon)

    So nicely done! I enjoyed playing along with you this morning. :) ~ S.
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    How lovely— and what a treat, to play in person before buying. Enjoy! ~ S.
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    Mind blowing string change: Have you tried this?

    Sure, as long as they're installed on an aNueNue Moon Bird Concert.... ( :LOL: - based on my Moon Bird soprano, and from what I can tell from afar, each of the Moon Birds punches at least one size about its weight in terms of presence.) I'll have to give these strings another look, specific...
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    Take It Easy (the Eagles)

    Your backing vocal(ist)s were a sweet addition. Nicely done! ~ S.
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    Please, somebody buy this

    They are... so... Orange! But my goodness, they sound fantastic....
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    NUD (Belated): KoAloha Naupaka Pineapple

    How wonderful! Thanks for sharing this with us. ... I love how the grain of the Mango on front looks like the wake of a small boat. :) ~ S.