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    My Glue Pot

    This is my Bonderosa hide glue heater. Yes it is a striped down clothes iron sitting on an attached empty cat food can. I can set the temperature and also speed up the process by injecting water in the steam holes.
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    Remaining Martins

    I still have 2 left from the Martin clearance they are the 1918 2M and the 50s 2M. for $600 and $400 respectively. I still can't download images, so email me if you want to have a look and description. Dave
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    Image uploads

    I have in the past been able to post images on this site. now I get RED ! and clicking on it this appears (0 Error Event type="io Error"bubbles=false cancelable= false event phase=2 text-Error#2038 what can I do? reply by PM
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    Martin clearance

    I'm selling off some Martins. I currently have 3 vintage Martin sopranos, plus 2 current players that are in my regular playing rotation. I must face the fact that I have too many and there will be even more coming out of the "rescue room" in a few months. I will not move out any that are not...
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    Slotted Headstocks?

    slot solution for the Bass'nBari Can't resist showing off the double headed and sloted Bass'nBari with violin and cello pegs. This set up was the only one where the pegs didn't get in each others way. Yes it is a two sided instrument Bass on the green side and Baritone on the purple side.
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    Prayers for Paradise

    I hope the members of the vibrant ukulele group in Paradise, California and particularly their long time leader Tonya, are safe and well. Their town was destroyed by a massive wild fire yesterday. I've had the pleasure of meeting Tonya at various festivals here in Northern California. A true...
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    Misi on a short scale bass?

    I have a Misi pickup for ukulele. Can I use it on a short scale aucoustic bass with wound nylon strings?
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    Nut slot

    I had the winding of the D and G string strip toward the tunners on a Baritone that I made. should I take the edge off the fret side of the nut slot? will it ruin the intonation?
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    Bridge pins too small

    I've been attempting to enlarge the bridge pin holes using CA glue and some mahogany powder. It is tedious and there must be a better way.
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    Facing the future

    Do to a recent health issue, that I am recovering from, I have decided to face my mortality and sell off my collection/clutch of Martin Sopranos. It is much more difficult than the acquire process. I've resigned to the fact I'm going to loose money. I'd like them to go to a good home. How can...
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    8 Martins

    Now just 4 left 2 Style 1Ms 1918 $900 & 1925-7 $500, 2 Style 2Ms 1918 $900 & 1953 $600 If you want a a description of a specific ukulele or contact information email me Peghead tuners available at $75 set installed on appropriate vintages. S&H to be determined...
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    Vintage Martin & Kamaka Hot Spot

    The North Bay section of Craig's List has a selection Martins and Kamakas for decent prices and I haven't list all of mine yet.
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    Vintage Martin Bridge Fix?

    I am considering converting a 1919 Martin 2M to a string through the bridge set up to address a blown out slot. Other fixes such as a bead in the slot, replace just the slot area or replace with a new bridge & saddle, don't look good or diminish the vintage mojo. What do you think?
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    Martin Herd thinning

    Here is a 1922-25 Style 0 that I decided to sell as is. Some one bored out the wooden peg holes and installed new Grover Champion style tuners. They work just fine. Also 2 large square cleats were set in the back to stabilize the crack in back, as partially pictured in 2 shots. They didn't put...
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    Rolling this out

    Here is something I came up with even though there is not a need let alone demand. It is a four ukuleles in a rolling back pack. From left to right, (first photo) a Martin soprano, a Bas'nBari, and a Kapalai Tenor. The old green gig bag contains two folding music stands, one table top and a...