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    Please remove me from the UU

    I would like to formally request that my membership from the UU is terminated. Please could this be done as soon as possible. A fond farewell to all the friends I have made and please enjoy any of the videos I have posted or will post in the future on my youtube channel.
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    UK suppliers of complete necks

    Tried looking on the web but can't see any UK equivalents to US suppliers. Is it possible to purchase a complete neck in Blighty? and if so, what kind of price would we be looking at?
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    Woods suitable for sides

    Hello, everyone. As well as teaching my students at school to make their own resonators I am considering looking into making more complete Ukes. We cannot afford to buy in a watlow heater and using a home-made version would probably end up with me being highly "popular" with our H&S committee...
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    Things to teach your kids

    Yesterday I taught my son how to rod a blocked drain, thus saving lots of money. Have you ever taught your children interesting and different lifeskills? If so what?
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    New User Group - Home Made Resonator Group

    The title should be self-explanatory. Everyone is welcome. No snobbery, or slagging off. Just players and builders of fun, home made resonators. Just join if you're interested in resonators. In fact just join anyway! Click here to join
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    The Random Association Game! :D

    Oh Stanley. Top Cat
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    Mahalo-Spookefoote Screwfix Resonator

    Oh it used to look like this......... So it's got to be an improvement. Let's be honest now.
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    Mahalo-Spookefoote Screwfix Resonator

    Ladies and gentlemen. May I present my latest marriage of inconvenience. A Mahalo U30 (China's finest soprano) combined with a Screwfix Clear Wax (apply liberally and rub in well!) tin. The only downside is the Rotosound Lagunas (which are going in the bin tomorrow). Still, sounds alright...
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    Golden Syrup Resonator Build Video with Sound Test

    Enjoy and please leave comments either here or on the youtube thing. Makala Spookefoote
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    Golden Syrup Resonator Uke Build

    OK sensation seekers. Here's a little appetiser.
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    Golden Syrup Resonator Uke Build

    I'm doing a photo / film journal of this build and on completion will upload a link to my youtube site. The donor uke is a Makala MK-C concert. The machine heads and nut are now off. I've removed the finger board using an iron and also taken away the rest of the damaged sound board. The top...
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    Neck Removal

    I'm now starting the "Golden Syrup" resonator. I need to remove the neck. Has anyone any experience of removing one from a Makala MK-C concert or suggestions as to how to go about it?
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    Golden Syrup Resonator Uke

    I'm having a go at building one out of an knackered concert uke with a golden syrup tin and a stainless steel plug-hole strainer. Any tips?
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    Ridiculous Postings

    What's happenning with all these postings to do with money and hooky versions of microsoft office?