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    Bending iron

    Are you trying to bend sides or are you trying to go to the moon? :P
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    Work has begun on Sporkulele #2

    The extraordinary event that the world has been waiting for... Sporkulele #2 is in the works! I had the last exam of my degree last Friday and I jumped into lutherie immediately after. I've been eager to have another go since the minute I finished #1. But that's not all - #3 is ALSO in the...
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    [SOLD]: Rebel Crème Brûlée Concert - [Canada]

    Well that sold crazy fast. To a gentleman in Edmonton. Goodbye Rebel, until next time
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    [SOLD]: Rebel Crème Brûlée Concert - [Canada]

    Hi fellow ukulovers, I've decided to part with this little wonder of an ukulele. With the crazy semester I've had, learning lutherie, and moving, it has essentially not been played, and I could use the money. I got it in November from HMS, with two black strap buttons. The model number is 2195...
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    Metal as inlay material

    Thx for the ressource, I'll have to see about Canada shipping! Is there a particular gauge that you prefer? What's thin enough without being too thin to hold up while cutting and too thin to survive leveling? How do you guys seal with CA to get a thin level surface? Do you use particularly low...
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    Finally - My New Music Room is Finished!

    Most impressive. Congrats George, happy for you 🙂
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    Moisture content of sides post-bending

    For my 2nd ukulele I'm trying to let the wood equilibrate a bit more before cutting/gluing. I'm curious though, when bending the sides I'm varying the moisture content wildly with vapor/heat - do you guys leave the bent sides to re-equilibrate for a while before assembly?
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    Metal as inlay material

    Curious about people's experiences using metal for inlaying. Copper, silver, brass mainly - fairly soft, could be cut with jeweller's saw, but I have no idea about potential tarnishing issues? Would they react with certain finishes even when 'sealed'? Also, I don't know where to search to...
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    One-piece vs two-piece backs and soundboards

    Given that acoustic/classical guitar tonewoods are much more readily available, (certainly in Canada), sometimes one of the options seems to be buying a large guitar set and making two ukulele out of it. Any thoughts on that? What about using one half of a guitar top/back as a one-piece for the...
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    Kanile’a 2022 Platinum

    The 2021 Platinum really spoke to me aesthetically. I love it. Blingy but woody and I thought classy. This new one, total miss for me. I don't think the waterfall even looks good, more like a cartoon than the more stained glass art style that I like. I don't love the Moore Bettah inlay either...
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    Chatoyance, is it in the grains or in the finishing?

    It's part of the wood grain, and in a straight grained sample it can be easy to see the effect of cut orientation; for example the quartersawn surface of mahogany is the one with beautiful chatoyant 'stripes'. The type of finish brings it out more or less, but doesn't 'produce' it. The...
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    Check out this Bruko

    "Front and back panel seperation. Otherwise the ukulele is in nice condition." 😂🤣
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    NUD: I made an ukulele!

    Thanks George. Dust management is key and not easy without a proper setup. And you need a sturdy stable surface, like my kitchen counter or a non-wobbly table. For the dust I constantly used my strong handheld vacuum, and kept my large (400-500 sq ft) HEPA filter in the kitchen the whole time...
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    NUD: I made an ukulele!

    Thank you! The Ryobi... Is good for what it is - a compact, cheap beginner's band saw. I got mine for 148$ CAD on sale and I'm totally satisfied with that. There are a few extra setup steps that aren't mentioned in the manual which are important, like squaring the table to the blade...