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    Harping Again

    I’ve owned harmonicas for years, but never learned to play them. Bought a Special 20 last year to start learning online and finally broke it out last week. Working through the David Barrett trial that they give a coupon for. Think I may keep it up after my free month. I quite like it.
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    Which Effect Pedals Do You Use?

    Might be worth trying one of the apps or programs that have built in effects. Not the greatest, but would give you an idea of what each one does.
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    Why are Aquila C strings red?

    Then I found this on Aquila's website. I don't mind it, I just found it curious in that I've never seen anyone else's strung like that. I thought maybe that the first set was just a fluke, but when I bought the other set and it was the same way :confused:
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    Why are Aquila C strings red?

    Both sets I've not from my local shop have been white, with red C strings (High and low C). I've never seen any other ukulele strung this way, even when they come with Aquila.
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    WTB: Pekelo book 1

    Should someone have one that they have progressed through, and now no longer need. :cool:
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    Hockey fans, post your favorite team.

    Oddly, I grew up in Arizona in the 70s as a hockey fan.
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    How to you keep your music?

    I have one for my guitar for uke for my Coursera music classes. Couple of others that I float stuff to when needed (sheets for gigs, etc).