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  • Aloha Steve,
    Hope all is know I'm worried for you as we all are.....only wishing you and wife the best....take care both of you......your friend, Stan
    Hey, thanks! It seems to be climbing slowly but steadily. I'm quite vain so it does mean something to me. I recently got some emails from a bunch of youngsters making stewmac kits. They saw me as an old (probably really old, to them) expert on building and finishing... But it really was useful for me to answer their questions, it's good to have to put your experience down in writing sometimes. It helped to clarify a few things that I do mostly without thinking about them.
    Good to hear from you. Are you still on the other side of Bridgeway? I am at the No Name Bar every Saturday at 6. I'll b away the first two weeks in November though. I also host the Blue Monday Jam Session at the Sausalito Cruising Club. You didn't say so but you must be a ukaholic by now.
    Thank you for the reply. I'm actually signed up for a Rick Turner class for building a ukulele. I don't have aspirations of this replacing my livelihood, but I think I'd eventually like to build some ukes as a hobby. I just know there's much more to building a ukulele than assembling the parts and that's what I want to learn before I start gluing. Thanks again for taking the time to answer my thread.

    Ok Thanks Steve. I'm at the No Name every Saturday at 6. This week there will be buku ukulele with Maggie Catfish and Sandy Bailey.
    Was glad to meet you last night at L&L. You had some beautiful ukes that sounded great. Hope you come by more often.
    Is that a Cardigan Welsh Corgi in your profile picture? I couldn't tell-- or a Border Collie. :) I have three Cardis, they are the best!
    Okay, Back by popular demand or until the man makes me remove it. Papa Daves, Tommy Chong Avatar!
    Coolest user name ever!! (Because of my laughing, I did have to turn around and tell my [overly naive] wife the joke.)
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