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  • Hi Steve,
    I'm still giggling because of that Dinah-Moe-Hum-thing ;) That would be a real challenge...
    Have a nice day,
    Hi Steve,
    On the Mya-Moe sale thread, you said, "If I sell my current one, it will be to help pay for my next Mya-Moe." Does that mean you've found the way to get a 2nd Mya-Moe in your household?
    Hey! Thank you so much for your kind words...I just love doing the music thing :) That's so great that you're in the area - have you gone to any CHUG jams? I haven't made one since last Christmas - but I'm determined to play with everyone once again! :)
    I'm not a teacher but a long time student. I sang opera and concert music, plus I rebuilt pianos for many years. On my 50th birthday I received an ukulele out of the blue. I've been hooked ever since (sort of the opposite of your journey.) I actually bought one uke from the State of Washington; a Mya Moe.
    If you have a change of heart, and record the Kismet tune, let me know. Maybe I'll do "Stranger in Paradise" for you. I don't care if I overpower the ukulele. Have fun.
    Really great! Thank you so much for the chords. I the 0004 didn't work, except for one spot. I realized I was singing the Db there, but the chord sounded richer with the first option. I have so much room to grow in this song, and I think it would be nice to develop it into an instrumental piece. Do you teach music?
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