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    What to do about a crack in the gloss finish?

    When this happens to me, here's what I think:
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    Plectrum / Pick etc

    I just started using these: from Not a pick or plectrum, so must be etc.
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    Song Help Request Schubert's Ave Maria Low G Tab

    I might like to have this transcription, too, but I don't want to deny Herr Schubert his royalties. They may be very low, but I do have standards!
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    Messing about again

    That's very nice. There is also, commercially available, laser printer decal transfer paper, both in water-transfer and rub-on varieties. The rub-on one is very thin and the result is excellent. I used photoshop software (and a lot of trial and error) along with a bit of gold-leaf paint to...
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    Fret Decals

    Floral stickers
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    Interesting rosewood Bridge

    The bridge Jim mentions. I had one. Although this is a very common system on electric guitars, on the Lanikai it didn't work. That instrument had the worst intonation of any I've owned, by far. The nut adjustments only allowed replacing existing deficiencies with new ones. Might the short scale...
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    Hawaiian D7

    Brad is of course right. It's a Hawaiian D7 because that's the way it is played in Hawaii. So, a conventional D7 doesn't sound Hawaiian. As I hardly ever play Hawaiian music, I don't use the 2020 as a D7. It's not a D7. Doesn't even have a D in it.
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    Worcester, MA uke workshop

    I know Heidi is the real thing. She's been teaching ukulele for years. (You may emember her from Seinfeld)
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    What did you do to your Uke today?

    I taught it a lesson.
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    KoAloha KCM-00 Concert with everything

    This ukulele was my go-to instrument for years. I bought it new from MGM, before he was with HMS. Selling because, having been replaced with two custom instruments, it no longer gets played. Please, see photos. This ukulele was built in March of 2008. I changed the friction tuners to geared...
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    Song Help Request Jazzy Chris Hamilton demo

    Uhh... perhaps I'm not seeing the same video.(?) At 0:31 of the linked video I see, he's playing Gmag7, C7, Gmag7, he adds a D on the top and transitions to a C9, goes back to a C7...
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    Song Help Request Anybody know what this tune is?

    Yes, you could call it a swing. I'd say a lilt. I suppose I like it, but I think the best thing the original has going for it is the feel. This one doesn't have that. It would be very interesting to hear what Jake could do with it in 3/4.
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    Bridge 'n' Strings

    I personally haven't noticed a difference, If I have it's been anecdotal. By the way, A Gilbert bridge on an ukulele. I believe Lanikai makes a couple of models with Gilberts as well.
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