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  • Sandra,
    I learned from the a post in Carolina Ukers group that Jake will be at the Arts Center in Carrboro in June. I declined to drive to Charleston to hear him at Spoleto Festival, but this is only 2 miles from my house! I bought tickets because effort and payoff were in balance. You're not far; this might be a cool thing if you're free from teaching at that time.
    Thanks so much! I enjoy the stronger colors, somehow it is all involved with my music...
    Message length got me too.

    You are oh so right about that muscle memory. I had bought a $100 used Bach tr3 off ebay when I started playing. I almost passed out from surprise when I could play the C scale after 50 years of not playing a note! 3 months later I was playing in a brass quartet for Easter Sunday service--but I was shaking in my boots. Now, I'm just sort of laid back and have to force myself to get out my Strossberg book and hammer out those lip slurs. I'm finding, as you probably are too, that muscle memory applies to uke playing and that we have to play to keep those callouses on our finger tips. I guess there's no escape from practicing. Okay, now it's back to arranging some more gig song backups. Don't forget to practice.:D
    Hi Sandra. Hope you don't mind a pm. Sounds like you're an experienced trumpet player. I've been playing 6+ years into my comeback after 50 years off. I quit when I was 15. Now play in a couple of bands and my wife and I play duets at various retirement homes and hospitals, schools, etc.. We use BIAB for backup and I do the arrangements. Our community Symphonic band has 110 musicians, about 20 trumpets. I play my flugel or cornet for our duet gigs since my wife plays flute. I've only played my uke on a gig once, but I'll be trying again. No one should ever let a trumpet player have a stringed instrument :).

    Happy strumming and buzzing.

    Redding, CA
    Hi stmace--
    Glad to know about other NCers who are uking. With a uke, you can sing too (out loud or under your breath). I think Louis Armstrong may be the only trumpet player known for singing.
    UNCG has a great music program. We benefited from it a decade ago when our son twice attended its summer music camp for high schoolers.
    Chapel Hill
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