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    WTB: 1920 or pre 1930 Martin Tenor Ukulele

    I,ve got a 12 fret, 50ish, there are plenty around,. I can appreciate the early sopranos, but I think the 50,s + tenors are readily available and great ukes.
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    SOLD: 2018 Martin 2 Tenor Ukulele

    I have a friend (cooksie) who’s looking for one. I gave her the info
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    SOLD: KoAloha KSM-03 Longneck Pineapple (c. 2010) w/ Misi Pickup

    that's a great uke at a great price, I don't need it but am sorely tempted
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    *SOLD*Kala Elite 1KOA-T*SOLD*

    that's really all I was looking for, a ballpark price. I usually figure 2/3 to 3/4 new , depending on rarity and condition. thanks
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    *SOLD*Kala Elite 1KOA-T*SOLD*

    reasonable offer is not a selling price.
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    *SOLD*Kala Elite 1KOA-T*SOLD*

    A picture or pictures of the actual ukulele being sold, not a stock photo of the model; The reason you are selling the instrument; Your price and terms (shipping and handling, etc.). do you have a sale price in mind?
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    (Changed my mind) Vintage Martin style 0 soprano

    Yea, is it still available? Where is it located in the US or Europe?
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    Martin 3k vintage 1920s pick your fav

    I’ve got a Martin O From the 20s when people play it they are really surprised such a small uke can put out such a sound and with no logo on the headstock in that small stamp on the back that’s almost illegible on mine people wonder what it is end it is amazing
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    WTB mandolin

    We used to be able to close a thread . I found my mandolin ,thanks for all who responded
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    WTB mandolin

    I to used to have an old Gibson I think it was an A2, unfortunately there are no reasonable vintage Gibson mando,s Anymore but these armies navies are pretty cool and have a real distinctive sound, cheaply built so there’s not a lot of them around
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    WTB mandolin

    thanks, I'll buy it.
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    WTB mandolin

    I'm sorry I ever sold my Gibson army-navy mandolin. I miss it. I know it's not a uke but it does have 4 pairs of strings. I know many UUers have mote than ukes for instruments and am just checking if any are ready to let a mando go. possible trade for uke too.
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    SOLD: Near Mint 1950s Martin Style 2..

    what a beauty! I'm like you, a heavy strummer. I've sold all the really pretty ukes I've owned and just go for the players. I have a Martin 0 from the 20's that resembles Willie's Trigger. good luck with the sale, a collector will snap that baby up.