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  • Happy Birthday Greetings Susan from hawaii, i hope you have a super day with family and friends close to your heart :)
    Hey, that wasn't the least bit serious… it was apparently a bad joke. Haha. Sorry I wrote a response to the thread but it didn't take since it locked up. I apologize and didn't mean to cause offense. -- Matt
    Haha... Doing fine. Actually follow some stuff on Facebook. I was bummed I missed Craig and Sara at island bazaar last weekend. They are so super nice. Still playing uke. Just super busy with four kids doing school lunches,laundry cooking,dishes,housework,homework,pick up/drop offs,etc, hadn't intended on being a stranger. I will try to stop by more often.
    Made a reservation at the hotel you told me about. Thanks for letting me know! I am so excited!
    I don't know. The uke guy wasn't Troy Fernandez. I listened to a couple songs and then caught up to my wife and son in the park.

    I'll PM him on FB and see what happened.
    I am glad to bring a little humor into your day. Sometimes I think people get too serious
    Hi Sukie . . . I've been following it and it's all good. Just keeepin a low profile. I'll post a reply on your post.
    Hi Sukie, thanks for the shirt! I'm sorry if it's giving you a hassle. However it gets to me is no problem!
    Hi ya Sukie and many thanks for the message, I was extremely nervous before the meeting and I am very shy, but I have to say i really enjoyed it. And it was a delight and a pleasure to meet yourself and the others, I have seen UE (Mark) before on the UU jams. I really enjoyed the meeting to and look forward to the next one. And I look forward to how the awards unfold, sorry if i butted in /interupted whilst yourslef or others were speaking, it was the lag on the internet i thought people had stopped speaking i'm not rude honest !!! :)
    was a pleasure to meet you have a great weekend and i look forward to the next meeting.
    Kindest regards
    Dave :)
    Aloha Suki,
    Happy Belated Birthday Greetings fellow capricorn... and Happy New Year as well....
    Did you see my comment about the "ballsack mountain" thing? I'm not too sensitive about too much, but you've seen my description of the logo - I'm kind of sensitive about this - it's very personal.
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