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  • Hi Frank,
    My Devine uke was delivered 6 months ago. It sounds great but, I have a question for you, if you don't mind.
    Your PM box is full email me if you'd like:

    hey Frank...clear a space in your PM box for me please a message for ya...jon
    Hey SuzukHammer, I saw your thread on the Guadalupe Custom Strings on Flea and Fluke strings and it caught my attention

    I'm thinking about changing the strings on my Fluke with plastic fretboard and I'm actually considering the Guadalupe. Just to clarify, your multicolor strings are the Fiber-Core multicolor for $10 as listed here on Guadalupe site, correct?
    Can you tell me how it compares to the aquila and most importantly- is it damaging the plastic fretboard or the Fluke in any way?

    hope to hear your input, Thanks
    Your PM box is full. Email me about your order at

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    cool man.
    yes the knot sounded a little tricky and its a pretty tight little hole in the bridge.
    yeah the gauges are:
    g .0295 silver
    c .040 nylon
    e .029 nylon
    a .025 nylon

    Rob Rich
    769 Dickinson
    Memphis, Tn

    rusty orange sounds exciting to me. I've only seen the dark variations of cocobolo.

    THanks again for sharing.

    It does look really nice. A sound bite would be nice in the future.

    Thanks again.
    Hello again Suzuk,
    Glad you like the look of the Cocobolo. The color can vary (sometimes the rusty orange is more predominant than the off-black), but the sound is pretty well defined. Cocobolo is a true rosewood (dalbergia retusa), and it is often said, that along with Honduran rosewood, it is the only true substitute for the rosewood sound you used to get with Brazilian. Some people hold that it is actually superior - it is a bit denser. As such, you would use it as you would a top quality rosewood - for backs & sides.
    The topwood is indeed spruce: German Silver. Since it is just rough sanded - no finish - and with my poor photography, the photo doesn't show how pretty it will look later. Spruce / Rosewood is a classic combination for concert guitars, but people seem to like it in ukuleles too.
    Hello Suzuk,

    As I am still pretty new to the underground, I didn't notice you had messaged me! Am still working out nuts and bolts, but I posted pictures of the in progress Cocobolo Concert on my vistor message page.

    Let me know what you think!
    Hi Frank,

    It looks like the Ceniza was delivered to your sister yesterday at 11:30am. Can you verify that she received it and that it is intact?


    -Danny (P.S. - Your PM mailbox appears to be full)
    Hey Frank,
    I was talking US dollars - I thought as most of UU used USD, i'd make it easier.
    I'd like to finish the deal a little sooner then the 20th, but if worst came to worst the 20th wouldn't be a deal breaker.
    Cheers mate
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