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  • Hola , been a while since I logged in,,, Life is going good. still enjoying my music and having fun
    The Blue Agave tequila forum (www.blueagveforum.com) perhaps? A Triumph motorcycle forum? Something to do with politics? Religion? Online and computer gaming? I've been resident on so many I can't even recall them all.

    Hey Steve,

    I'm working on my Pink Floyd uke program, my blues repertoire and some originals, collabs, covers of UU members songs, on my live equipment to work exactly as I want it, preparing for some gigs. Lots of stuff... and I've still got to do my normal, everday, real-life job. *sigh*

    Tomorrow I've got a gig in Düsseldorf and currently I'm working on another original lullaby.

    Take care

    Congrats on the free 5 string. I've never been so lucky.

    As you have quickly figured out, there are a lot more banjo styles and tunings than most people realize at first. I started out playing 3 finger style (aka Scruggs style). Because of that, I mainly play in G tuning, but I've been venturing into more and more older styles lately and as a result having to learn more tunings.

    Its hard to say what style will be easiest for you to learn. I've spent the most time on 3 finger so that is what I am most comfortable with. However, I think clawhammer has been easier for me to learn. Banjo isnt the most versatile instrument so it helps to know multiple styles to not get bored with it.

    The best advice I can give you, since you are comfortable with using forums, is to get on banjohangout.org. Its a great forum with a lot of nice people just like this forum. There are also a lot of banjo tabs to explore.

    pickin & grinin
    John , yep. Enchanted Rock is really cool. Almost any place in the hill country is fun. like heaven compared to stinky houston.
    I think of some more exact places
    Steve, Are you a hiker? I am planning a trip in Texas sometime this year. Hill country I think. Any recommendations?
    Never been to Neals,, may have to check it out, Im at Chalk Bluff Park outside of Uvalde. I love that place

    wish I could live there.
    They are about 30 minutes outside of Uvalde. Me,wife daughter & my,Mom , have been going there the last 8 summers. But my daughter is a 14 yr old , and is tired of it. Were going to Schlitterbahn this summer.

    The place in Uvalde is really fun, if you enjoy outdoors stuff. Great swimming & snorkeling, fun fishing , nothing real big , but lots of catch & release. Campfires every night. There are scorpions though. Weve killed 4-5 in the cabin. One we took ashower with ,before we saw it. eeks & blister bugs.but a lot of great memories there. Thanks for asking , that place is near & dear to my heart,,
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