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    Need Feedback on new song (Summers End)

    Any suggestions, comments, whatnot?
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    Summers End (Original Song)

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    Guilty Together (Original-remade)

    Here is a cover of my own original for my April vlog
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    I'll follow you into the dark cover (baritone)
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    L O V E (cover)

    I made this cover thing, and... ya.
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    Hallelujah (cover)

    A little project I did.
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    Funk Ukulele Progress (week three)

    Slowing things down.
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    Funk Ukulele Progress (week two)

    This is week two of my quest to play funk ukulele. Suggestions, comments? Leave a response.
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    Funk Ukulele (week one)

    I'm starting a seires of ukulele progress videos. I am going to learn funk ukulele. This is week one.
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    Constellations (Jack Johnson Cover)

    This is a cover I did to test my new microphone. It sounds better into ableton, but I'm not dissapointed with it's direct upload ability. Tell me what you think.
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    Ukulele Purists

    It seems like there is a lot of purism around the ukulele. Some people may not consider anything bigger than a soprano to be an uke. Or others may bet set that the uke must have a high g, or standard tuning. I'm sure a lot of these comments are jokes but as a musician it baffles me. A baritone...
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    Guilty Together (Original)

    Here's a song I wrote. I thought this would be a good way to apologize for my prolonged absence.
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    Breakdown Cover

    One of my better covers.
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    Nice Guys Cover

    Sorry, I had to.
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    Hello Everybody!

    Hey everyone. I am new to this forum, as you may have guessed. But I am not new to the ukulele. I got a cheap soprano when I was 9, and when I went to Hawaii. (Btw, my favorite place in the world) I never really picked it up until last year, and I would like to think I have gotten decent at it...