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  • Hi Tad -

    read your republic reso-uke review. sent you a pvt msg with some q's about it. If you got it..pls help me w/ info. If didn't get it - pls advise of best way for me to invite your help.

    Hey there! Thanks for the message :) I actually ran into your blog re: work ukuleles recently when I did a google search! Since reading your article, I've been playing at work too. Actually, it's amazing what you can get people to do for a song! Please let me know if you catch wind of any uke meetups in the area :D
    Hey Tad,

    Just wandered in and finally found the UU... and a Midwest and, being a former PhD student myself, noticed you. Where y'at? I'm in Wisconsin and have been Uke-addicted for a few months now.

    thank you for the belated birthday wishes! i feel a lot older than twenty one... is that normal? haha :)

    thank you again!!
    Wow-- when you say you've got commitments, you mean COMMITMENTS!
    3 soccer games, 1 lacrosse game and a b-day party. the joys of having 5 kids.
    Hello, just came for a visit. Pardon for not calling first. Open invite to pull up a chair. The historian part caught my eye. Different field but "detailed oriented" (A.R.). I have it under control, really, really. Really.
    thank you, tad :)

    what a really sweet comment. i'm suprised with how many youtube ukuleleists are on UU. it's an awesome thing to see.. not to mention to meet and talk with everyone as well. :)
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