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    Baritone Ukulele

    Looking to purchase a baritone ukulele and have come across this one.... This just comes within my budget of 150 Quid. Wonder if anyone has any views on this make? I know its probably made by a Romanian company so its European...
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    6 string Kala Ukulele

    I purchased a 6 string Kala a few months ago and I find that the strings are destroying my index finger nail when I play for an extended time. Would it be of help if I changed the strings. If so to which ones. I have only been playing for 18 months or so and have no ideas in any remedy. Thanks...
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    Index finger nail wear

    Been playing now for just over a year and I am finding that the nail on my right hand index finger is wearing down quite quickly when strumming. So much so that when I go to my ukulele club for a two hour session my nail is worn down to the 'quick' and starts to bleed slightly. Do any of you...
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    6 or 8 String Tenors

    I've been playing for 18 months now and I have a Snail UKT 598 which I like very much. It looks quite nice and the sound is very good to me. I also have a cheap concert but prefer the tenor. I am now looking for new fields to travel along and I think I might like a 6 string or even 8 string...
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    Blackstar Fly 3 amp

    I had one of these bought for me for Christmas. I have just purchased a power lead to plug into the electric instead of using batteries, I'll save them for when I play away. I have only been playing for just about a year now so know nothing of these amp things. I wanted one to project my voice...
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    Chords G and G7

    Being a 'Newby' and one of my first posts I am having a small problem with these two chords. Whenever I play them on my concert they sound exactly the same. Is my "tuning ear" not working properly? Is there really any difference?
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    Index finger left hand

    I am a beginer only been learning about 2 months now. I am finding that when selecting a chord like 'F' the index finger of my left hand keeps slipping off the string towards the 3rd string giving me a bad sound. I'm trying to harden up my finger tips with a regular dose of surgical spirit...
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    Advice on these two.

    Being a complete beginer I would like some advice on these two ukuleles. I have no music knowlege and not a great deal of cash being on a pension so I have found these two which I would like some advice on having no other person to ask and no music shops in my surrounding district. Korala UKC36...
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    Hi from an 'Old Crinkly'

    Hello to new found 'friends'.. I called myself an 'Old Crinkly' because I am in my middle 80's and looking forward to learning the ukulele before I get to the alzheimer’s stage...!! I have always thought I might like to learn to play the uke but never got around to it in fact I don't even have...