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    Ukulele tattoos?

    And then, maybe, banjolele tattoos...
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    What do you guys think this banged up Pono Baritone Ukulele is worth? (video)

    I like it. IMHO, I think it's worth... keeping.
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    Moore Bettah owners. Post your pics here

    Stunning! Congrats and enjoy!!
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    Moore Bettah Tenor “Tree Frog” Ukulele

    Absolutely gorgeous.
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    KoAloha Tenor Bow tie Bridge Mint!!!!

    I'd wear one of these if this uke was mine! ^^
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    Towards the setting sun ---latest original

    Great 1st post, song, rendition and sentiment!
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    Country Roads on a Tenor in Baritone tuning

    Beautiful. Brings me home.
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    Keith Richard Interview

    Doesn't everyone?
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    First attempt at playing

    Excellent ^^
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    Sopranino Backpacker Ukulele

    And it sounds great! ^^
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    Rotten Wood

    Spalted/Rotten... I see it called "Deadwood," also. Photo: 23" Professional Engelmann Top
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    Art on a Ukulele

    "All the money raised will go to The Hepatitis C Trust and their campaign to eliminate hepatitis C by the year 2030."
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    Caramel CC102A Concert Ukulele - REVIEW

    Very thorough review, bazmaz, and thanks for your thoughts too, Choirguy. Compared with a few other brands of somewhat more costly ukes, my experience with Caramel's less expensive efforts has been pretty positive. I'm happy with one of their laminate tenors and a baritone that I own, as well...
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    Season 269 - Cowboy Songs

    Re: Ghost Riders In The Sky "Simply the best cowboy song ever!" - IamNoMan :agree:
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    Season 269 - Cowboy Songs

    Fun thread!