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    Straight Tuning Peg Replacement for Kamaka Soprano

    Looking for replacement keys for these, they just don't hold a key anymore no matter how tight I make them Any good suggestions on what brand or where to find some?
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    Future of UU

    Your sticky telling everyone this forum is over because you got a discord doesn't make any sense to me. A Discord server doesn't really replace anything, it's just like a free chat, or place to loiter about etc Maybe a UU subreddit you mod yourself could replace a forum, but reddit is a pretty...
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    Great Ukes Made in China II

    so ya, i totally am still stuck in the days before mommyrators/goderators. 'the real internet' days, i like to call them.. sorry, my bad.. reality check... so anyway, according to the rules, I have ukes for sale. yes I do.. and so does my good friend.. he really has a lot.. some say he's a bit...
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    Great Ukes Made in China

    Hey, i found 2 or 3 different Ukulele factories here, making some sweet ukes.. they're likely making them for other companies out there, i know there are a few big name Uke brands which have been outsourcing their Ukes to China but, like everything in China, they know a good idea when they see...
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    New Selective-String Capo

    Anyone think this would be useful? A Capo with individual releasable hard pads that re-tune your guitar or uke (upwards) instantly. such as clamping your capo on the 3rd fret, but its only pressing one or two strings, or which ever strings you set it up for you can use multiple capos...
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    Banjo-Style Uke Picking

    Howdy Y'all, I wondering if anyone here plays Banjo, and has been able to replicate a similar sounding pattern on an uke I'd like to play a repetitive picking pattern with a really nice banjo-esque pop Something like some of the songs performed by the U.S. Navy Band, or other such kind of...
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    What Child Is This

    hey, i need help on a song.. its Sarash McLachlan's "What Child Is This" Anyone familiar with it? I was just playing around a bit and came up with this, but its really not near good enough.. i saw a alot of sites online with the chords, but each site had the exact same chords, and i just...
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    Aldrine’s "Skyrim" from The Elder Scrolls

    What is going on here??? what is happening in the beginning of that song? it sounds like harmonic chimes.. but how's he getting those different notes.. its like he's playing the chimes and walking the fret board at the same...
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    Kala Acoustic-Electric vs Solid-Body "U-Bass"

    Anyone have any experience with the Solid-Body or Acoustic-Electric Kala Ukulele-Bass, found here: i wonder how does the Acoustic U-Bass sound in an acoustic jam session and how are they tuned? and how does the solid body U-Bass sound in a Jam...
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    UU Video Hosting

    I suggest if you are having a paid site, and want people to pay for your videos, you should host them on your own dime, on your own dedicated or paid servers, so people can see them directly from your site.. Youtube is blocked in alot of places, so offering videos on youtube is less than...
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    Non-Youtube Videos

    are all the videos paid videos, or al are free videos, or are some free and some u have to pay? are all the videos on youtube? if you paid do you get some direct download links hosted on UU servers, not on Youtube? you know, youtube is blocked in many countries.. like China.. as a Hawaiian...