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  • Aloha Amy, Welcome back... glad to have you back girl... how have you been happy strummings your friend, stan :)
    Hey, thanks for asking. I'm doing fine, just been a busy time at work. I'm still playing my uke most nights though!
    Nice. I had wanted to play for years. Glad I finally gave in and purchased. Now I wish I had started earlier. You give me hope that I will one day learn all these chords and be able to transition between them more smoothly. I'm impatient. I want to go from zero to ukulelezaza in months. :)
    I have had the desire for a long time. Went to a fest in '08. Didn't really get moving along 'til mid '09. In '09 I couldn't smoothly go from one chord to the next. I guess I can now. I bought a Kala KA-SLNG from Mim lately. Back in '09 my sister bought me a Bushman tenor cutaway. And that's my best instrument, although I love the others.
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