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  • I've never heard of Girls in Glasses Playing Uke but it sounds awesome =D How do I find the group?

    And thank you for the compliment too ^____^
    Come in the main door. Go right and a quick left. Straight ahead into my room. Bring your son if you want. No problems.
    Good news / Bad news

    Bad news is I don't know a single uker period!!
    Good news is this is 0 minute drive from my house, I used to work at the plaza.

    I'll start looking for people though
    I teach a guitar class Saturdays at 1-2pm at a church on Truscott Dr. between Southdown and Winston Churchill. To be exact it is Park Royal Bible Church at 2400 Truscott Dr. at Seagull Drive - southeast corner. I was thinking since I have this nice size room available I could have a jam at around 2:30pm the same day. We would likely have to chip in a toonie or so each depending on how many we get out. It may be possible to have it on a week night too but I would have to check their schedule so that we don't conflict with their activities. I only have the one class on Saturday right now but it's starting to get too large so I may have to split it into two and have the second class from 2:30 to 3:30 which would mean the jam may have to be at 4pm. I'm pretty sure I have until 6pm and later if there are no special Saturday night activities planned. Do you know any other ukers in the area?
    Cool. I just put an ad in the Mississauga News/Brampton Guardian for those that would like to meet up for a ukulele jam in Mississauga once a month. I have a possible location if I get enough people. Interested? 647-400-2632
    I'm just in Mississauga. I'm getting a Lanakai Concert in a couple weeks and will be dying to jam with it
    I look forward to your video's, talent and humor, my fav's! Thanks for friending:)
    I have a couple different ones but I kinda like the AKG C420. It's not wireless but I don't move around much.
    Goodmorning from Alaska! I saw a post from July-ish when you discussed using a headset microphone when you were busking. Would you mind if I asked, what kind of mic do you use?
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