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  • do you need some water to put on the flames on your tangi after your fingers got done with it.. for real.. that was some face melting.. SHRED!!! for real!
    hey, on your site... under the songs page.. whats the background music for that? are you playing it?
    Got my Eagle also (i dont think anyone is a fan of the process) but as my mom said when i got it, "you got it and nobody can take it away from you." and hey it looks good on job and college apps.
    awesome to know another scout is on the boards. assuming i made the correct judgment on the "Silver Marmot" award. sounds like the societies they had at a couple of camps around my region. ohh good times.
    Hey, Matt- Things are going well and the new baby is one heck of a challenge. I am writing this as we feed him at 3:09 am...yikes! Great experience, being a dad, but a huge change, of course. The uke is doing well, we have been getting to know each other! I hope you are still as enamored with the Kanile'a as you were when you got it! That thread about intonation had me worried for you. I never experienced that, but then again I never changed from Worths after Dave Talsma installed the Trio pickup and set the intonation then. I hope all is well, nice to hear from you!
    uh.. i just noticed that we have the same post count (as of this message) and joined 2 days apart. And you know I cut my string remainders with nail clippers.

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