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  • Hello,

    I found your post and responded, and in case you don't see it, here are my thoughts: Since you own a restaurant in Eureka Springs, you might have some say so about events there. A ukulele festival there would be great, with the beautiful Basin Park and its outdoor stage. Such an event would bring many of the well known players to the area to share their music. It could be a very beneficial event for the economy of Eureka Springs.

    Thanks Dave~ I just picked up a Mainland cedar concert- which I see you also have- so I might pass on the Martin for now- I am definitely a tenor guy but have been digging this little Mainland- Thanks for your two cents!
    Hey Dave, Cool!! I live in Benton, outside of Little Rock, but guess what? My parents live in Harrison. Next time I'm up, let's plan on getting together. My # is 501-317-8597. Gimme a call sometime. Rocky, a.k.a. Mangorockfish
    you sound great! love to play with you! come to eureka springs sometime! teach me to sing! ha!! asif!!! i'll buy you a beer at my cafe! ....i got E down!
    Thanks for the message! I don't know why but after I read your message the first time I couldn't find it again. I posted a response to your Youtube page but since I've found this message again I wanted to respond to it here. I've really enjoyed your videos as well. I've been playing the uke for a couple of years now but haven't practiced as much as I would like. Still struggling to get that darn E chord down!
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