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  • you're like stalker status foo!
    but i guess it ain't your fault, it's fun knowing what others are doing :D

    oh and btw, you shoulda came to the fil-am festival today. saw a bunch of people walking around with ukes. we coulda got a little jammin' done.
    My spruce is so bright I get tanner every time I play it. It's a nice change from a koa or a mahogany. I'm glad I have one of each though.
    My keepers are:

    15 year old Kamaka soprano
    Mele Concert Pineapple
    Custom tenor made by Lori Espanol
    Concert Eleuke

    A K-1 might be added to line up though.
    I am alive so life is good!

    Your Kanilea sounds awesome. What kind is it?
    Yes, I'm pretty sure I'll be going tonight. Here, PM me your number so incase I get lost or something. haha
    ya my laptop kinda froze on me when i installed it. with the vids u put up on youtube did u use ur desktop?
    ya dude i got it. i was messing around with it last night. it's sick. i got it at best buy 89.99 i was using it on my laptop but i think i should try it out on the desktop. it was having a little trouble on my laptop.
    yeah I'm doing the same learning new songs, trying to arrange some as well. I've had 3 ukulele lessons with my teacher haha but school is getting to me and my teacher's job is getting busy so we haven't met in a while, so i'm stuck to learn ukulele theory by myself.

    I have 2 ukes. I have an old Harmony 1950's soprano(found in the attic when we moved in) and an O/S concert that I got as a gift. Your kanilea is absolutely gorgeous!! As of now a Kamaka Concert is on my christmas wishlist. I've started to remind my parents,brother, sister, cousins and friends that,THAT is the only thing I want for christmas i don't care if they all pitch in!! haha! anyways have an awesome weekend I'm off to study BOO!!!:(
    great you asked!! I'm in the process of choosing and changing my strings. the cheapies I have on them now are dull and dead sounding I guess I do play it lots now!! how about you?
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