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  • Would you mind if I set up a Ukulele Fight Club group on UU? It would give some publicity to the FC idea and allow all of the FCers to chat in one place.
    My sister Lynn and I plan on coming to the coffee house in Nobelsville Friday the 16th and seeing you guys, and then on to Mike's field for Saturday.

    Hey thomdawg, I was searching the forum for people in Missouri and came across your band playing in Owensville a few months ago. I am from that area (Belle) and have been looking for some people to play with hoping to obtain some skill on the Uke. Do you know of any people out in that area that play in a group, or would be willing to start one up?
    Hey there! let me know who you are, so sorry, sometimes i'm lost in internet and UU's corridors... he he, so sorry for that and thanx for the friendship! ;°)
    It took awhile to get here, but hey, sometimes the hardest roads to travel hide the finest destinations!
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