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    Ukulele Prom

    Hello everyone! I'm planning to ask a girl to prom in style by singing and playing ukulele. If you guys could provide me with some mainstream songs that I could reword the lyrics to be prom themed that would be fantastic. Thanks!
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    Seven Nation Army: White Stripes can't quite put this version all together help please? Thanks.
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    My tuner isn't turning on??

    I have a KC02 Kala tuner, the one that comes with most MGM purchases. I had recently replaced the dead battery with a fresh one and a week later it won't turn on. What can I do? Thanks for the help.
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    Funny Ukulele Videos? I stumbled upon this and couldn't resist sharing it. The music is quite good and the clips are just too hysterical. Do you know any other videos like this?
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    Double Rainbow Song Help me figure out this song please. Someone made a cover for guitar if that helps. Thanks.
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    One Republic

    What are the chords for good life by one republic?
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    Please help!! i know the picking for the intro but all i need is the chords. thank you :)
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    Animal - Neon trees help Thanks :)
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    emprie state of mind strum the chords are f and Bbmaj7 but im not sure how to put it all together thanks
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    Annie's song - Community (the show) Help? Please and thank you :D
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    How long did your ukulele take to ship?

    I ordered a ukulele on monday from MGM and I'm now in the epic waiting period. I know it says 3-8 days on ebay but that's such a broad time period. How long did you have to wait?